Enhanced Support With
Audio Den Client Care

Audio Den always offers concierge-level services for today’s technology. Similar to high-performance vehicles, smart technology and entertainment systems require periodic checkups and upgrades. That’s why we not only provide standard product warranties and ongoing service, but we also offer enhanced, proactive Audio Den Client Care Plans, so you can further protect your investment in the way you want.

Modern technologies make it possible to provide a new level of remote troubleshooting and support, which our team can provide from anywhere. Audio Den Care Plans leverage these capabilities to provide offsite system monitoring, support and much more.

Choose from one of our Audio Den Care Plans below to see details and sign up now! Contact us for more information and personalized plan options.

Standard Warranty Included with every Audio Den Home Installation


Per Month
  • Manufacturer's warranty on all equipment purchased
  • 60-Day Warranty on Labor & Parts
  • 60-day Post-installation Q&A with Integration Specialist
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Audio Den Care Our standard client care plan


Per Month
(+ $199 one-time for monitoring hardware)

Standard Warranty, plus:

  • Dedicated support line for Audio Den Care clients
  • Annual On-Site checkup ($249 value)
  • Internet speed monitoring ($199 value)
  • Remote Monitoring Equipment for $199 ($599 value)
  • Up to 6 hours of remote support per year ($594 value)
  • Remote monitoring and rebooting of network-enabled devices ($299 value)
Plan Value: at least $1900 / year



Options for Everyone and Every Home

Remote / 0ffsite system support, management and some upgrades

Internet Service Provider (ISP) monitoring

Annual preventative maintenance visits

Dedicated, priority support phone line and priority scheduling

Loan equipment when needed

Multi-home benefits and custom plans

Monday-Saturday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM