Control4 Puts the Home Automation World on Notice - The New Control4 EA-1 Controller is a Game Changer

Control4 Puts the Home Automation World on Notice – The New Control4 EA-1 Controller is a Game Changer


With the release of their new EA series of controllers, Control4 has put the rest of the automation world on notice. No longer does installing a smart home system come with a huge price tag. In fact, just the opposite is true…
Control4 has introduced three new primary controllers – each designed to meet the needs of a particular market segment. In simplified terms, the new EA series of controllers (EA-1, EA-3 and EA-5) were designed to serve small, medium and large automation projects respectively. However, as has been the case since the company’s inception, the Control4 platform is completely scalable. Meaning, the system is designed to grow with you as your needs grow – even if you start with the smallest of the EA controllers – the EA-1.

At a mere $600 retail price, the EA-1 Controller and SR-260 Remote bundle is the perfect starter automation system. This is the package that has us at Audio Den REALLY excited! At it’s core the EA-1 Controller and SR-260 Remote bundle is an easy-to-use interface that lets you and your family operate any TV in your house. With a few simple button presses you’ll have total control of your TV, Blu-ray player, cable box, AppleTV, Roku4 – you name it – you can control it.

Finally, Audio Den has a solution for our clients who “don’t want to go crazy” with a fancy automation system. A lot of folks who walk into our Lake Grove showroom simply want to enjoy their new TV without navigating through a stack of remotes on the table – or spending a small fortune to make things easy.

Prior to the release of the EA-1 Controller and SR-260 Remote bundle, this level of intelligent control had a price tag close to $1000. With the cost of TVs and many other home entertainment products dropping, the concept of spending that kind of money on a remote control seemed out of whack. The problem was the only other options on the market were DIY programmable remotes. These “dumb” remotes were functional but if something went wrong, it was up to the user to figure out where things went awry. “My TV went on – I hear sound – but I have no picture! Now what?”

With a Control4 remote, there is logic built into the system. If something gets mixed up (perhaps the surround sound receiver failed to turn on), simply hitting “Room Off” and restarting the process usually fixes the problem. After a long day at the office – when all you want to do is relax on the couch and watch the game – this kind of assurance is a priceless luxury.

Beyond simplified control of your home entertainment system, the really cool part about this “entry level” smart remote is its scalability. Don’t let its compact size fool you. The EA-1 is powerful enough to control other systems in your house – such as lights, thermostats, IP cameras, window treatments and door locks. Dim the lights, lower the temperature and check on your kids, all from your TV or wireless tablet. How cool is that? 

We invite you to visit the Audio Den showroom to experience the power, ease and sophisticated elegance of the new Control4 EA controllers. Simply stop in or give us a call at (631) 585-5600 for more details. No matter the size of your home, Audio Den and Control4 have an automation solution that is a perfect fit for you and your family.