3 Spaces that Can Serve Multiple Functions within Your Home - New York Integrator Provides Tips and Tricks to Pull Off a Successful Media Room

3 Spaces that Can Serve Multiple Functions within Your Home – New York Integrator Provides Tips and Tricks to Pull Off a Successful Media Room

In the past, we’d discussed in detail the necessary design elements of a home theater. From the technical aspects of the project, like speaker placement and the optimal seating configuration. But what if you don’t have the space for a dedicated home theater or can’t stand the idea of living through another renovation project? The good news is the experts at Audio Den can repurpose nearly any space in your Long Island, New York home as a multi-purpose media room. Read on to learn more about our creative approach to adding televisions and projection screens that seamlessly blend with your décor.

The living room, a sophisticated setting for hosting and entertaining

Most rooms in your home serve multiple functions. Therefore it’s important to find the right mix of technology to accommodate your entire family’s needs. Whether you’re curled up on the sofa with the latest best-selling novel, watching your favorite sports team or playing video games the room must be outfitted appropriately – allowing it adapt to your changing needs.

Don’t fight over the best seat in the house; instead make sure everyone has an equally good view of the television. With custom seating configurations by Palliser, you choose the style, layout, upholstery, and design elements that fit with your aesthetic. We also recommend seating solutions from Salamander Designs to make your living room an inviting place to entertain. Both Palliser and Salamander Design offer a wide selection of designs that can accommodate even the most challenging spaces.

The master bedroom, a hideaway with hidden technology

The master bedroom is a space within your home where you unwind and recharge. It’s a personal space that should be both relaxing and comforting. Yet for many it is also the space for watching movies, streaming your favorite reruns, and laughing along with late night TV talk shows. But don’t let your television become the focal point and ruin your bedroom’s décor with a big empty black screen. Instead we’ll design a technology solution that conceals components that only reveals itself at the touch of a button. For example, tuck the TV into a recessed pocket in the ceiling, have it lift from inside a cabinet, or reveal the TV from behind a piece of art that rests over the screen.

If you want to add surround sound but not the untidy wires, we have a few different installation solutions for a clean, simple look. One option is to add a sound bar speaker system by Sonos. This hi-fi wireless system does an excellent job of simulating surround sound even without using rear speakers. For those that require a full ensemble of speakers, we can entirely eliminate unsightly wires by installing speakers in the ceiling or walls.

The outdoor space, a resort all your own

Don’t overlook your backyard as an entertainment space for relaxing with family and hosting friends. With a wide range of technology solutions designed to withstand the outdoors, your patio can now be used as a media room. Séura outdoor televisions combine elegant design with the sharpest, brightest picture in any lighting and in any climate. Plus they boast two types of weatherproof TV wall mounts and a protective cover to keep the television clean and dust-free when not in use. 

We’ll also provide recommendations on outdoor audio components that not only withstand the elements, but also blend in with your landscape. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is making sure there are enough refreshments for your next outdoor party.

To learn more about the possibility of transforming spaces in your home into a digital entertainment haven, contact us at (631) 585-5600 or through our online form.