Simplified Smart Home Control

At Audio Den, we bring any or all of your technologies together into one powerful, simple-to-use system that blends in beautifully with your home architecture and design. We create the ideal solution that meets your vision and brings convenience and performance, while enhancing how you live every day. Our top-notch product selection, design and installation is always tailored just for you.


Enjoy your favorite music in one - or every room.

Turn on, off and dim lighting with a touch from anywhere.


Monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

Access mind-blowing entertainment, inside and out.

One-touch control of lighting, motorized shades, amazing music and video in every room – or in a dedicated home theater. These are the life experiences that Audio Den delivers. And we simplify it all. Your home can respond to a touch from across the room or the globe, and adjust lights, temperature and even show you who’s at the front door. You’ll control your spaces exactly how you want, on the devices that you select.

Personal and Powerful

From a big screen in the family room for entertaining or a pair of stunning loudspeakers and a turntable in the den for enjoying music, to mobile apps that control daily access to each room’s entertainment, lights and more – the choice is yours. Our trained experts listen to your interests, provide consul- tation, then deliver the technology that’s everything you and your family imagined – and more.


Today’s smart lighting includes architectural lighting, natural lighting that can enhance wellbeing, and total control of it all. A touch can instantly turn on or off all lights, or preset lights by name such as “entertainment” that instantly dims indoor lights and turns on specific yard lights. Now there are many options for lighting including color, warmth and more. And we do it all.

Instant Access
to Home Entertainment

Deploying premium, seamless entertainment with automation requires understanding the vital home network to product compatibility, to what’s coming next. Our experts can meet your audio/video needs with experiences such as multi-room music, a special music listening room, robust outdoor enter- tainment or even a dedicated theater with the most immer- sive, cinematic experience that blows you away.

Some of What’s Possible

Seamless controls simplify daily interaction with entertainment, lights, shades and more

Personalized control devices selected to suit your home décor, family and life

Powerful, highly secure networks ensure you’re always on and safe

Monitor and access your entire home from anywhere in the word

Let's Connect!

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