Be Immersed in All The
Magic of a Custom Home Theater

Audio Den has deep roots in Audio, Video and custom Home Theater systems. We're the leading provider of complete Home Theaters throughout New York and the Tri-state region. Imagine pressing one button to lower the shades, dim lights, drop a massive screen and start your favorite movie for family and friends. We can provide that and much more. Let us design and install a fully dedicated, cinema-grade Home Theater with the highest performance components, controls, theater seating, media cabinets and acoustical treatments – that will take your breath away – every time you press play.

Cinema Design Service

Whether you’re remodeling an extra room or building a new home, we can provide turnkey expert Home Theater room design that fits your family, space and vision. Because we've been doing this for decades, we understand how to bring all the custom room aesthetics and technology together in a way that will deliver an immersive experience unlike any you’ve ever had. We’ll walk you through the process, making it easy and fun to decide what you want and how you want to enjoy it. Big screens, acoustical treatments, furniture, incredible sound systems and complete control – we offer it all.

A Movie Theater
Experience – Right At Home

We’re all making the most of our homes these days, and entertainment can be one of the best investments you make in both quality family time and also your home’s value. Being able to take advantage of the latest in technology without ever leaving home is one of life’s greatest pleasures. With an Audio Den custom theater, you can press a single button to lay back in plush custom theater seats, lower a massive screen, start your favorite movie and be stunned by the audio and video quality – which is just as the movie director intended. We are devoted to your exciting theater experience and delivering it to you right at home.

Fine Tuning, Calibration and
All The Bells and Whistles

We don’t just install Home Theaters, we design, deliver – and ensure it is operating to the highest performance standards. Our professional team has the training and expertise to select the best cabling and other foundational pieces so your entire new system will perform beautifully today, and tomorrow. We provide testing, calibration and will make sure you’re comfortable operating your new, high-performance system. Plus, we stand by our work, so if you need support, we are there for you.

Home Theater Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Enjoy the most magical sound and picture quality you’ve ever experienced – in a dedicated Home Theater

Choose from the highest quality A/V components to create a powerful, magical entertainment room

Touch one button to control the moment – lights, screen, projector, video options, volume and more

Customize the experience with designer theater seating, media cabinets and other premium furniture

Ensure expert, comprehensive calibration of every piece in your special system

Increase your home’s value with an elegant, real Home Cinema

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