Enjoy Audiophile Quality
Music Wherever You Want

It all began at Audio Den a passion for Audio and Video performance-grade entertainment. Today we remain devoted to providing clients with the most amazing sound and music experiences that make you feel as if you’re at a concert. You’ll turn ordinary rooms into the extraordinary with high performance music throughout the house and outdoors. Our world-class speakers, subwoofers and audio components are the finest available. Our experts can even set you up with an incredible 2-channel audio system in a special listening room, fully equipped with an artful turntable and stunning floor-standing loudspeakers.

High Performance Audio
as The Artist Intended

Music moves us. Within seconds of hearing a song, we can recall a special moment at a concert or a moment in time. Audio Den elevates your every listening experience with the highest quality sound system that brings the concert experience to your own home. You’ll hear every nuance like never before. We offer studio-grade technologies and calibration that span speakers, subwoofers, components and even cabling that can make all the difference. The magic of high-fidelity at its most advanced is what we love to do. Enjoy it throughout your home – or in a special place where you escape from it all such as music room or a home cinema.

Your Favorites – When and
Were You Want Them

Today’s audio technologies are more advanced and accessible than ever. You can bring your favorite music with you to any, and every room of the house. The kids can dance to their hip hop upstairs while you’re enjoying your favorite pandora rock station outdoors on premium landscape speakers. For your party, set the ambiance house wide with a touch on a smart device, where the same music plays everywhere. Wireless speakers enable easy repositioning, while architectural speakers can be fully hidden behind walls, and never compromise on sound. We tailor every listening experience just for you and yours.

Simple Access
to it All

Smart Control of music can set the mood for any space with a touch on a smart device, keypad or touchscreen. Choose from the most popular streaming services or your vinyl turntable. Select what you want to hear and where you want it to go. Our job it to make it easier than you ever imagined. Custom buttons can be created that make sense to you, such as “recent”, which calls up the most recent list of artists you played. Or “entertainment” which sets the music at the exact level in the areas you want for your big event. Our smart control systems give you access to all the music and volume levels, from anywhere you are.

Premium Sound and Simple Access for Every Space

Enjoy the most moving sound quality you’ve ever experienced – in one or every room

Choose from the highest quality components to create a magical music room or home theater

Instantly touch a music preset that sets your entire home for relaxing or the party

Add to your home’s aesthetic in specific areas with stunning turntables, loudspeakers and subwoofers

Ensure expert, comprehensive calibration of every audio piece in your system

Easily take music outdoors with you through landscape speakers, subs and one-touch controls

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Photo Credits: Bower & Wilkens, Leon Speakers, Sonos