Designer Shades Can Change Your Light, And Your Life

Part of lighting your environment beautifully is bringing in designer shade solutions that can operate on their own or work in concert with your lighting. That’s why at Audio Den, we offer a wide selection of shades and blinds to enhance your interior design – and convenience. We have access to a range of custom fabrics, colors, styles and motorized shades that block or filter sunlight, and can be integrated with your smart home for touch control from anywhere. Installing motorized blinds can also preserve valuable furnishings and save energy, all while making your home look its best.

A Day in The Audio
Den Connected Home

Move from day to night effortlessly. A press on your smart device and every shade throughout the house smoothly drops for evening privacy, while the lights gently rise, and outdoor landscape lighting comes on. Incorporate shade control into your automation system, and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing – the ultimate ease for daily tasks. And, while on vacation, imagine having instant access to adjusting shades for added security. These are the transformative experiences you can expect with Audio Den smart shade solutions.

Taming The Sun –
and The Seasons

Automated shades know the seasons, movement of the sun and can even follow your desired schedule. With Audio Den shade controls, your home can handle the seasons automatically, allowing more light to enter during colder months and blocking the blazing sun during summer – or hotter parts of the day. Let sunlight greet you in the morning with shades that gently rise at a set time, then follow the sun throughout the day, automatically closing shades as evening approaches.

Simple is Best

We are a proud partner of Lutron, as they are the leader in premium shades and shade technology. For example, their new Palladiom wire-free shades combine elegant style with a simple, patent-pending battery technology that provides 3-5 years between replacement. The shades can even be set to alert you when it’s time for new batteries, which can be changed without any hassle or removing the shade.

High Style and Functionality For Every Space

Maximize everyday experiences, convenience and comfort

Add to the beauty of your home with hundreds of colors, textures, fabrics and styles

Automatically match the time of day or time of year for beautiful, natural ambience

Enhance security by activating shades when you’re away at work or play

Without a thought, deliver energy savings to embrace a greener world

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Photo Credits: Lutron