A Video Picture
You’ll Never Forget

TV display technology continues to advance with stellar clarity, brightness and realism. Flat panels range in size, from small for a bathroom, up to 100-inches of brilliant video back-lit LCD for a media room can be yours. With today’s video options that include streaming services, movie servers, video projectors and massive projection screens, we can help you decide what’s best for your own viewing experience. We understand the right equipment for the right space makes the magic happen. And we have the most experienced staff and access to the finest products of any firm in the area.

You’ve Got
Brilliant Options

We offer the largest selection of TVs and display technologies across the entire region. We have premium TVs including flat panel, 4K and 8K displays, micro-display rear projection and home theater projector solutions. Depending upon your room size and interests, we can deliver displays that bring stunning, high-resolution video to life with extraordinary clarity. Looking for hidden tech? We also have new designer technologies including TVs that look like fine artwork when they’re off and motorized lifts that hide displays in walls and cabinets, only to be revealed when you want them.

Instantly Access Favorite
Shows, Series and Movies

Streaming services and apps, cable boxes, podcasts, movies and more. How do you decide what to use and reduce complexity? This is an area where we shine. There are infinite video options available these days, and they’ll continue to expand. We can help you choose what’s best for you, and soon you’ll be enjoying your favorites in any, and every room of the house – with an easy touch or two. Watch the weather on a setup in your den or behold the best series on hulu in your Home Theater with a massive screen, incredible audio and bass you won’t believe. We can tailor every video experience for you.

Let’s Take
It Outside

No longer is entertainment restricted to inside your four walls. From patio to poolside, the sky is the limit. Robust, all-weather TVs have gotten better, bigger and more brilliant. These displays are optimized for sunlight or shade and provide a new outdoor life where you can watch the big game under the big sky. Control is as easy as using a mobile app we personalize on your smart phone, or a solid outdoor keypad that can be installed for access to the TV – plus lighting and music. There is nothing more fun than an entertainment oasis right at home.

Premium Video Experiences Inside and Out

Enjoy the most moving picture quality you’ve ever experienced, in any room of the house

Choose from an array of options from small to 100-inch displays for a stunning, ultra-realistic picture

Take video outdoors to the patio or poolside with weatherproof TVs

Enjoy fast access to video services, shows, games and movies with a simple, smart home system

Ensure expert, comprehensive calibration of every audio piece in your system

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Photo Credits: Control 4, Samsung, Seura