Taking it All to
The Great Outdoors

Entertainment and lighting are no longer restricted to inside. Step out into a whole new world where the sky is the limit for high-performance music, video, lighting and touch controls to everything from your smart system. To make the most of outdoor living spaces, we offer all-weather TVs, speakers, subwoofers, landscape lighting and more. These products are optimized to withstand temperature and moisture changes, and video displays can adapt their brilliance for sunlight and shade. From cool blues music playing across the yard, to watching the big game on the big screen for a BBQ, we can bring it home to you.

Creating Your Own
Outdoor Oasis

There is nothing more fun and exciting than an entertainment oasis in your own backyard. Incredible music plays on covert speakers and subwoofers that blend into your lawn or are dressed up as rocks or planters. Bright, big screen TVs let you watch any show – even streaming shows – out by the pool in full sunlight. Plus, we can tie it all together your indoor system so that music and shows flow from your kitchen to the deck for your total pleasure.

Light Up The Night

Outdoor lighting increases not only the beauty of your home but also enhances your home’s security. It’s about much more than dimming these days. Allowing you to extend the space of your home and your days, landscape lighting can be easily controlled with a single press or set to schedules, while also warning potential intruders to stay away. We offer endless possibilities that can include a simple front door lighting setup or entire estate-wide coverage with control of every zone. Going to bed and realize you forgot to turn the outside lights on? No worries, it’s a press on your bedside panel or app to set it all just right for the night.

Relax And Enjoy,
You’ve Got This

Outdoor entertainment and lighting control is as easy as it is fun using a mobile app that we personalize on your device, or you can choose a matching outdoor keypad that can be installed for access to it all – from anywhere you are – even while you’re away. It’s so easy, guests and kids can take control and switch in seconds from taking pictures to dimming lights and turning up the volume. Create longer days, brighter nights and a safer property with our pros.

Premium Sound and Simple Access for Every Space

Take music and video outdoors to the patio or poolside with weatherproof products

Add outdoor landscape lighting to elevate entertainment, beauty and security

Enjoy one-touch access to everything outdoors right from your smart devices

Gain protection from UV and bugs, with easy-to-operate motorized screens

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Photo Credits: Lutron, Seura