Interiors With Magical Technology That Knows It's Place

Are you an interior designer working with homeowners who want to incorporate technology without impacting your beautiful vision and design? We offer the latest technology that elevates décor, without showing any wires or power – and even the components! Many modern entertainment and control products are designed to blend into the environment, such as hidden motorized TVs that only appear with a button press, flat screens that turn into stunning artwork when they’re off, and high-performance speakers that are heard but never seen in your spaces. Audio Den can bring you and your clients a total portfolio of magical, stealthy solutions!

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Integrate smart technologies that blend in beautifully with your design – and never take over

Beautiful artwork can magically become a TV at the touch of a button

Incredible sounding music emanates from completely invisible speakers behind drywall

Designer mirrors transform into TVs for bathrooms and gyms with a single command

Custom sliding cabinetry can reveal or conceal equipment in seconds

Gain turnkey technology consultation, design, installation and service

Your Tech Design Partner
in the Business

Fortunately, you have access to an experienced partner who understands how technology can complement a home, not take away from it. Audio Den has collaborated with designers for decades. We can help you embrace technology while being confidant it will add to your interiors and client satisfaction, without impacting timelines or budget. Let our team match your vision and bring your clients an even more breathtaking, functional home.

Sleek Designs for Separation
From Your Competitors

Education on the latest technologies, to design and implementation, we provide thoughtful, stunning entertainment and control solutions that are so simple to include and never overshadow your client’s décor. As one example, no one even knows this TV is there in the custom mirror – until the client presses a button to watch the news or weather!

Technology That Turns
To Fine Art

Is that art or a TV? It’s both! Audio Den has partnered with the very best brands in the business, bar none. These leading companies understand what the modern family and home demands, and that’s functionality that optimizes space and aesthetics. The Samsung Frame is an awesome example of what artful technology today can do.

Total Control and
Tech Consultation

Forget obtrusive wall controls for lighting, motorized shades and smart home systems. We can even customize user interfaces to control technology while matching the space. We’re available to look over your designs together and recommend what fits in best. Audio Den collaborates with your firm start to finish, ensuring every tech design detail is covered. We manage each project with care, thought and personalized solutions to meet your client’s budget and goals, while your firm is further elevated in the market.

Audio Den - Audio Store & Home Automation Solutions
40 Years Strong

Qualifications Unlike
Any Other

Audio Den has served customers with high-performance technology since 1976. While technology has changed dramatically, we have remained on the forefront of it all with our personalized solutions. Through extensive training, certifications, standardized procedures and partnerships, Audio Den is the recognized leader throughout the Tri-state area that you can rely on for every project.

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Photo Credits: Seura, Samsung, Lutron