Lighting For Convenience,
Beauty and Security

Your environment is everything. It can impact what you do, how your home looks and even how you feel. Audio Den takes the visual design and elegance of your entire home—day and night—to new levels with lighting. More than a bulb or fixture, lighting can be warm or cool, colored, preset to specific levels and controlled from anywhere you are. Our custom lighting designs are made to match and elevate your life. We’re experts in all things lighting, from design, installation and seamless controls, to new natural lighting for your wellbeing.

How We Approach
Your Design

The right lighting design benefits your family in so many ways, and we have the experienced professionals to make your lights literally shine. We consult with you to learn how you live. We can also collaborate with your designer to select and install the most beautiful lighting you can imagine, in any area—inside or out. Our designs ensure every light in your home is easily accessible and is the right color and desired intensity at the right time. There’s really no limit to what we can do when it comes to stunning lighting for any space.

Lighting to Fit
Your Life

Lighting Control can set the mood with one touch. Preset lighting “scenes” allow you to shift illumination to instantly match the moment, using your smart phone or voice. We name icons and keypad buttons the way they make sense to you. For example, select “Evening” to fade inside lights, bring up the outdoor lights and more. At bedtime, turn all lights off at once with a press from your bedside panel. Offsite? No problem. Our lighting control gives you access to every light, even from thousands of miles away for that “at home” look when you’re away.

Discover New
Natural Lighting

At Audio Den, our team stays up on the many lighting options available so we can bring your latest lighting aspirations to life. Our factory trained staff is intimately familiar with all lighting technologies and techniques. For example, we’re specialists at installing the new natural lighting that can improve your overall feeling of wellness by mimicking the cool hues of morning and warm shades of evening, the same pattern of nature. Similar to night mode on your phone, this brings you better sleep and a more productive day.

Beautiful Benefits of Custom Lighting and Control

Enhance the beauty of your home, inside and out, night and day

Enjoy all the quality and performance of the finest lighting brands available

Automate lights for activities such as entertaining, relaxing and going on vacation

Match lighting in-wall keypads and touch screens perfectly with your décor

Remotely access and control lights from anywhere in the world

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Photo Credits: Ketra, Lutron