3 Ways to Maximize Your Home Theater Design - Audio Den Helps Optimize Your New York City Entertainment Spaces

3 Ways to Maximize Your Home Theater Design – Audio Den Helps Optimize Your New York City Entertainment Spaces

One of the most exciting aspects of home automation is creating a unique, personal space for your home entertainment. Given the space limitations of the typical New York City home, proper equipment choices and room layout are critical to the success of your project. The challenges are to identify the components and speakers that will best suit your performance needs and how best to utilize the room to meet your ergonomic and aesthetic requirements. Read on to find out how Audio Den can help maximize your home theater space. 

Choose the Perfect Screen

You’ve probably already made the decision between a 4K projector and an Ultra HD television as part of your home theater design. While televisions have their benefits, you can more accurately recreate the commercial theater experience with a drop down projector. But that’s only half of the equation; you’ll also need to consider what screen to get.

While there’s no perfect screen for every space, you can easily find the one that’s right for yours. The size of your room and the placement of your seating will determine the size of the screen. But there’s also the material to think about. Today’s screen technology goes beyond the industry-standard matte white materials. If you have a room with a lot of ambient light or you’re interested in watching movies during the day with all of your shades open, you should consider a black projection screen. A black screen is the ideal material choice for a non-ideal home theater space.

Hear it All with Marantz Audio

A leader in high-end audio, Marantz offers some of the best sounding equipment on the market today. Marantz can deliver the dynamics, clarity and mid-bass impact that make a home theater sing. If you want a great sounding system, the SR7009 offers beautiful 9.2 channel surround sound. Upgrade it with Auro-3D, which adds a tenth “height” channel, for a fully immersive sonic experience. While most Blu-Rays are mixed with 5.1 channels – and more recently 7.1 channels – Marantz equipment is able to scale up the mix for the highest level of audio performance.

Accessorize & Upgrade Your Space

Although the technology you deploy in your home theater is important, the look and feel of your entertainment space should get equal attention. Choosing comfortable, customizable seating options from a company like Palliser can transform an ordinary room and make it your favorite space in your home. You should also consider installing some RPG room treatments to improve the sonic performance and aesthetic appeal of your home theater.

Are you ready to get started on your New York City home theater design? Contact us today to take the first steps. We look forward to hearing from you.