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5 Long Island Record Stores – Five New York Record Stores In Nassau and Suffolk Counties

People all over the world collect records, as a vinyl renaissance of sorts continues to permeate our culture. Despite the meteoric rise of digital downloads, most major cities have at least a few record stores – some corporate, some independent – and Long Island, New York is no exception. Containing both Brooklyn and Queens among numerous other communities, residents of Long Island are lucky to plenty of places to get their wax fix through independent record stores. Check out some of these shops next time you’re out and about and looking for Long Island Record Stores. Audio Den also has a meticulously curated selection of vinyl for sale chosen by our staff comprised of some of the best sounding albums from your favorite artists.


  • Mr. Cheapo CD & Record ExchangeFeaturing two large locations – one in Mineola, the other in Commack – Mr. Cheapo has long been known as one of the places to score new and vintage vinyl. With everything from ABBA to Zappa, this legendary shop has it all.


  • Whirlin’ Disc RecordsThis fun and kitschy shop in Farmingdale has low prices and high variety. While boasting themselves as oldies and country specialists, there’s more than just that to see – and hear. Whirlin’ Disc also has a vast collection of 45s available for sale – both in-store and online.


  • High Fidelity Records and CDsIn addition to being a classic John Cusack movie, High Fidelity is actually a legit source of wax conveniently located in Amityville. The store claims that everything is “always” on sale – as long as you tell them. High Fidelity also buys used records, just in case you need some quick cash.


  • Infinity Records Advertising both records and nostalgia, Infinity Records is one of the top places to find vintage vinyl in Long Island. Their quaint shop in Massapequa Park has an endless number of records and stereo equipment – both new and used. Consider Infinity Records a must-stop if you are a true audiophile.


  • Record ReserveRecord Reserve is a super cool store in Kings Park that takes collecting LPs to a new level. Not only do they have a massive amount of new and used vinyl, but they also have a large library of music-related books in stock. Like most of the other shops on the list, Record Reserve also offers cash for used vinyl. Record Reserve is a quick 10-minute ride for Audio Den’s Lake Grove showroom.


  • Audio Den– When looking for places that sell records, you’ll definitely want to come take a look at Audio Den’s carefully curated selection of vinyl records for sale. The expert staff will not only help you find the best albums, but can also assist in all your audio and stereo needs. The store offers a wide range of exclusive turntables like the Technics sl 1200gr, 1200g, EAT C-Sharp, EAT C-Major, and much more.