Audio Den Brings AudioQuest Into the Fold - High End Audio Intereconnects, HDMI and Digital Wire, along with must have accessories

Audio Den Brings AudioQuest Into the Fold – High End Audio Intereconnects, HDMI and Digital Wire, along with must have accessories

Audio Den — long known as Long Island’s destination for high-quality audio, video, home theater and automation equipment — is proud to announce their affiliation with AudioQuest as an Authorized Dealer. As a locally-owned and operated company, Audio Den is committed to bringing their clients the best accessories that are designed to enhance their audio and visual experiences — at home, on the road and at events.

AudioQuest Provides Solutions for the Serious Customer

Audio and video cables from AudioQuest deliver low-distortion results in a design that exemplifies their status as an industry thought leader. While AudioQuest first applied their ingenious design to their audio cables — with a focus on mechanical stability — it was only natural that they take the video industry by storm as well. Their applications account for the bandwidth-heavy usage necessary for such cables to deliver the performance and reliability that their customers demand.

Innovative AC Power Cables

As AudioQuest points out, distortion is a way of life when it comes to any AC cable — regardless of the power supplies and filters used with it. This is especially obvious when it comes to stranded cables. In an effort to thwart this inescapable fact, they went about crafting a power cord that is designed to mitigate the inevitable. As just one example of their innovative line-up of AC power cables, there is the NRG-X2 2-Pole Power AC Cable.

  • This AudioQuest AC cable uses semi-solid concentric packed conductors as an alternative to stranded conductors. Strand distortion can be alleviated by using solid conductors. However, semi-solid conductors give many of the same advantages and use larger and fewer strands that do not change their positions along the strand. This design helps avoid many of the mechanisms that generate distortion in stranded conductors.
  • Long-grain copper is a fundamental reason for the crisp clarity of sound that is experienced by consumers when they use AC cables by AudioQuest, and the NRG-X2 2-Pole Power AC Cable is no exception. It is a superior metal when compared to oxygen-free high-conductivity (OFHC) copper as it has fewer oxides, impurities and grain boundaries which then allow it to deliver superior performance. By using helical-array geometry, this cable delivers better performance than when conductors are run parallel to each other resulting in better clarity and dynamic contrast. 

Video Cables Present Cutting-Edge Technology to Give Superior Performance

The HDMI Slinky 2 video cable by AudioQuest was developed to give consumers the performance they demand. Conductors designed of solid long-grain copper ensure the delivery of a cleaner and smoother sound while the geometry stabilizing solid-polyethylene insulation minimizes any smearing and protects dynamic contrast. AudioQuest delivers the high speed data transfer that are expected from HDMI cables. Because of this capability, consumers can enjoy 100% of the data that is delivered via Blu-Ray’s 3D video as well as 120Hz/240Hz/600Hz displays and more. 

Gamers can count on the performance of AudioQuest’s video cables. For Wii enthusiasts, their GQ-300W is a convenient, all-in-one assembly that combines both stereo audio and component video cables. It was made of conducting materials that are designed to reduce distortion while also delivering both sound and picture quality that is superior. The nitrogen-injected hard-cell foam insulation minimizes the inevitable distortion that is brought on by its very presence. Foil and braid shield coverage provides the dual-function coverage that coax interconnect demands by using high-quality metal and an exceptional fabrication technique. This AudioQuest strategy helps protect the integrity of the shield as well as its role as a return path to deliver the high-quality picture and sound that is expected. 

AudioQuest’s DragonFly V1.2 Improves Upon an Industry Favorite

AudioQuest has a long history of innovation and attention to detail that ties it in perfectly with Audio Den’s vision of putting top-notch accessories right in the hands of their clients. DragonFly V1.2, AudioQuest’s DAC-headphone amplifier, delivers the crisp clarity and detail that allow connoisseurs of fine music to revel in notes and tones like never before. This newest version of the esteemed USB and plug-and-play driven device also adds richer mid-range notes as well as a more precise spatial delivery.

DragonFly Garners Positive Reviews Across the Board

DragonFly V1.2 was named one of the Best DACs for 2014, according to What Hi*Fi. Their five star rating includes ravings about its clean and clear sound that supports the dynamic subtleties of the listener’s favorite music. Huffington Post declares DragonFly V1.2 the best for those audiophiles who want to be able to listen to the rich sounds of their favorite music through their favorite headphones.