Audio Den Brings Constellation Audio to High End Audio Portfolio - Inspiration Pre-amp and Stereo 1.0 Now Available for Long Island Demo

Audio Den Brings Constellation Audio to High End Audio Portfolio – Inspiration Pre-amp and Stereo 1.0 Now Available for Long Island Demo

Audio Den is pleased to announce a new high-end audio line to its repertoire of the best in home audio technologies- Constellation Audio. Since 2008, Constellation Audio has been making top of the line audio equipment that focuses on unsurpassed quality.

The company acknowledges that innovation is necessary but simultaneously keeps in mind that if it is not broken, there is no need to fix it. The “Our Philosophy” section of their website contains a quote that describes their approach perfectly: “Constellation Audio as founded on the premise that one cannot create something extraordinary through slavish adherence to established methods. When tradition is the best path, we embrace it.”

 Constellation Audio has three different series of products. The Reference Series, which is the flagship group of products, consists of three different components:

• Altair II Line Stage: machined solid aluminum chassis, fully balanced circuitry, and triple-transformer power supply

• Hercules II Monoblock Power Amplifier: 1000 watts of details clean power provided by dual 3,000-watt power transformers with a balanced drive design

• Hercules II Stereo Power Amplifier: For those with two-channel requirements, 500-watts x 2 channels, modular circuit concept, dual-mono design with one 3,000-watt transformer per channel, passive cooling technology, direct balanced interface

The Performance Series is more adept in terms of the advances that have been made in audio technology in recent years. This series of products has a wide variety of additional desirable characteristics such as cost-effectiveness and space conservation. The Performance Series consists of:

• Argo Integrated Amplifier: combination of line stage gain modules from Altair II and Virgo II preamplifiers with the balanced bridge used in the Hercules II and Centaur amplifiers. Convenience features not found in other constellation products in a 125-watt-per-channel integrated amplifier.

• Virgo II Line Stage: shares circuit technology with acclaimed reference series in a more cost-effective package

• Cygnus Digital File Player/DAC: The 32-bit/192-kilohertz DAC easily accommodates the most high-resolution audio files available today. The Cygnus actually contains four 32/192 DACs in a stereo balanced configuration, with separate DACs used for the positive- and negative-going signals of the left and right channels.

• Perseus Phono Preamplifier: Designed by legendary circuit designer John Curl. Solid aluminum chassis and floating circuitry suspension put it in a class of its own.

• Centaur Mono Monoblock Power Amplifier: all 500 watts of power in a friendlier footprint than the 275 lb. Hercules.

• Centaur Stereo Power Amplifier: Delivers solid-state power with delicacy and detail of the finest single-ended triode tube amplifiers. 250-watts-per-channel in the signature constellation balanced design.

The Inspiration Series is for the users with higher levels of expertise. Additionally, the products in this series are sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The products in the Inspiration Series include:

• Preamp 1.0 Line Stage: built from CNC-machined aluminum slabs, crafted in the same metal shop that builds the enclosures for the Reference and Performance series components. Most of the technology from the Altair II and Performance series Virgo II preamps are retained including the core audio circuits and triple-transformer power supply.

• Stereo 1.0 Stereo Power Amplifier: 200-watts-per-channel with the unique balanced bridge circuit topology. A compact, affordable, and lethal package for the discerning audiophile.

• Mono 1.0 Monoblock Power Amplifier: 400 watts-per-channel in standard footprint and 55 lb. chassis delivers incredible power in a small frame. Sharing many circuits with the Hercules delivers all the delicacy and musicality of a small single-ended amp, with the dynamics and power of a large monoblock.

Constellation Audio has turned the heads of many different stakeholders in the tech space. HiFi News offered the company high praise in saying “California bred, these sculptured separates deliver a cosmic sound worthy of the name Constellation Audio.” The company has also been featured in various publications in various capacities. HiFi+ mentioned Constellation Audio in an article that provided an overview of the company, the attention to detail and the collaborative nature the company’s engineering team, and reviews of certain products in the Performance Series, specifically the Virgo Preamplifier and the Centaur Power Amplifier.

Constellation Audio is unique company in that it will pool its best efforts to provide support for any Constellation product that has ever been released. Whether it was a product that was purchased as part of one of its earlier lines or it was a member of the Reference Series that was purchased just last week, Constellation Audio will provide adequate tech support and knowledge to any of its customers.

In adding Constellation Audio products to its inventory, Audio Den has brought a whole new level of modernity and transparency in state of the art audio equipment. This decision will carry a lot of weight for Audio Den moving forward as those seeking quality audio components now have another retailer to turn to with a history of product diversity and top of the line equipment.


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