Best Home Lighting Automation Products of 2018

Best Home Lighting Automation Products of 2018

If you’re interested in the best home lighting automation products and are looking to buy a smart home lighting system, you may not know where to start.

There are dozens of different products on the market – ranging from inexpensive, DIY systems controlled by Samsung SmartThings or Google, to professional-grade systems from companies like Control4.

So, if you’re in the market for smart home lighting, you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, Audio Den will take a look at our top choices for home lighting automation in 2018. Read on, and find out what you should be looking for in a smart home lighting system!

Why Professional Systems Are Better Than DIY Home Lighting Automation Projects

In this article, we’ll be primarily discussing smart home products from companies which require professional installation. This is because we believe the best smart home setup is the one that simply works – without troubleshooting or consumer configuration.

DIY home automation products – such as smart light bulbs, switches, home controllers, motion sensors, and other products – are often very difficult to set up properly, and it’s hard to get consistent results when you build your own smart home automation setup. DIY products also tend to work in their own eco-system, so you end up a hodge-podge of automation devices and multiple apps to control all the different brands of automation in your home. Not the case with professional automation solutions.

Your DIY smart home system could end up being obsolete after just a year or two, or compatibility for your home lighting automation system may break after an update to your controller – or when system support is discontinued for an older product. Professional-grade systems are built to be upgradeable for as long as possible. While no technology will last forever, investments in smart lighting should last longer than a season or two.

This is why we think that the best smart home system and best home automation system is one that’s professionally-installed – sourced from a reputable manufacturer and installed by an experienced integration specialist, like Audio Den. 

The best smart home controller is the one that performs consistently – and that is compatible with future upgrades. Because of this, professional-grade systems from companies like Lutron, Control4, and Savant offer a much better product – and they will be the subject of our smart home system reviews in this article.


At Audio Den, Control4 is one of our favorite smart home lighting automation systems – because it’s easy to integrate Control4 with other systems, such as climate control, media streaming, home networking, and more.

With Control4, you can automate your entire home – from your window shades to your lighting, entertainment center, thermostat, and so much more. That’s the primary reason we recommend it to most of our clients – because you can easily expand your Control4 lighting system, and add further automation upgrades down the road. It lets you experience the wonders of home automation by taking a small bite at first.

Control4 offers individual switches and wireless/wired control panels. In addition, you can always access your Control4 systems from a tablet or wall-based touchscreen interface, should you need to control all of your lighting systems at once.

With a huge number of available configurations, easy customization and modification of lighting “scenes”, and a reliable, future-proof design, Control4 is the best choice for any homeowner who wants to invest in lighting automation – and may decide to automate their other systems in the future.


Lutron is an ideal choice for you if you are interested in climate and environmental control, as well as the automation of your home lighting systems. Lutron offers whole-home lighting control systems – from automation switches, to dimmers, automated shades, and much more.

Best of all, it’s customizable and expandable. Lutron offers a number of different products, from which you can choose based on your budget. You can choose to automate just one room – and expand connectivity in the future – or jump right in, and modify your entire interior and exterior lighting setup to use automated timers and controls from Lutron.

Lutron can also be used to connect to a wide number of other home automation systems, which can make your home easier to use, and expand your connectivity options. Currently supported devices include Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, and SONOS.

Lutron is also completely wireless, making it easier and less expensive to install, compared to systems like Control4 which often require wiring and customized networking. Clear Connect Wireless uses a specialized RF signal, which minimizes interference to ensure that all Lutron system components can communicate quickly and seamlessly.

With a wide variety of switches, blind colors, and other window treatments available, Lutron products can seamlessly blend into your home – whether you want to automate a single room, or your entire house!


Savant is another leading provider of whole-home automation systems, similar to Control4. One of the main differences is that Savant focuses more on a “one-app” experience – allowing customers to control every aspect of their smart home from a single iOS or Android smartphone, as well as some smartwatches. Savant is also based on iOS, the Apple platform, which die-hard apple fans love and functionality is very much like your iPhone or iPad.

Savant lighting allows you to control every single bulb in your house – both at-home and remotely. You can customize and create custom lighting profiles, switch lights on and off, schedule automatic switching, and even turn off every light in your home with just a single button press.

And that’s far from everything that Savant can do. It also includes automation of systems like pools and spas, media streaming and speaker support, climate control automation, automated window shades and blinds, individual room temperatures, home security alarms, and so much more. 

Savant offers rock-solid performance and integrations, and they are ideal if you aren’t just looking for a home lighting solution – but a fully-integrated home automation system that will stand the test of time, and has easy-to-use controls.

Why Choose Audio Den For Home Automation Installation? 

At Audio Den, we’re authorized dealers and installers of all three of the above products – Control4, Lutron, and Savant. We have years of experience automating homes in the Long Island and NYC, and we would be happy to help you decide which of the best home lighting automation products of 2018 are right for you!

Why should you partner with us? Here are just a few reasons. 

  • Industry-leading expertise – We have been working in smart home automation since the early 2000s, when home networking began to open up the possibilities of digital automation of lights, media centers, and more. Our team has a vast amount of experience working with home automation, home theaters, and climate control systems – you can trust us to deliver stellar service.
  • Affordable rates – Home automation is not cheap and is an investment in your home. Despite this, we pledge to always offer the most value for your investment– and to break down our costs in a transparent manner. You deserve to know where your money is going!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – Not satisfied with our services? We’ll make it right. At Audio Den, this is more than just a marketing slogan. It’s a guarantee. We stand by our work, and if something is unsatisfactory, you can trust us to do everything in our power to make it right.

Get Started With The Best Home Lighting Automation Products of 2018 Today!  

If you’re interested in a system from Control4, Lutron, or Savant, Audio Den is the best choice in Long Island – and all of New York! You can trust us to deliver great results, and to provide you with the smart home of your dreams.

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