Control4's New HEOS Driver - Smart Home Control of Heos Multi-Room Audio Solution

Control4’s New HEOS Driver – Smart Home Control of Heos Multi-Room Audio Solution

If music be the food of love, play on– all over the house. Thanks to a recent partnership between Denon and Control4, consumers should have no problem playing their favorite songs in every room.

The Hype about HEOS

Introduced last year, HEOS is Denon’s multi-room speaker system designed to provide music throughout the home. The system’s features include:

  • WiFi Connections– The speakers transmit information via WiFi, saving users the trouble of installing mesh networking or cords. They come with optional wireless bridges to boost the signal and reduce connection problems.
  • Multiple Sources– HEOS systems can play music from uploaded files, from online music providers, or from other devices through auxiliary and USB ports.
  • Versatile Speakers– You can arrange HEOS speakers vertically or horizontally, or mount them on the wall.
  • High Quality– HEOS speakers come with a MaxxAudio Digital Signal Processor to adjust and improve sound quality.

Control4’s Contribution

With the increasing trend toward home automation, many consumers want to integrate their audio systems into lighting, climate, security, and other controls. To that end, Denon partnered with Control4 to create a new driver for HEOS, releasing it on May 29th. What sets Control4’s driver apart from the rest is that it is the only one that Denon developed in house. Part of the reason for this preference is that the Control4 system offers Simple Device Discovery Protocol, or SDDP, software. All electronics with Control4’s SDDP can be integrated into a home automation system with minimal cost or effort; once installed, they require minimal maintenance.

Just 3 days after Control4 released its HEOS driver, the company received first place in CE Pro 100 Analysis, with 63% of home systems integration companies saying that they use Control4 products.

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