Expand Your Music Capabilities with these Desirable Additions for Your Home in the Hamptons - Audio Den Explains How to Turn Up Your McIntosh Collection in Style

Expand Your Music Capabilities with these Desirable Additions for Your Home in the Hamptons – Audio Den Explains How to Turn Up Your McIntosh Collection in Style

Like a moth being drawn to a flame, the distinctive blue hue of a McIntosh pre-amplifier, turntable or receiver gains the attention of a dedicated audiophile at first glimpse. At Audio Den we see the faces of adults light up every day as they step into our McIntosh Museum, or into our dedicated listening room to experience the finest in audio components.

Handcrafted in America, McIntosh’s impressive lineup of solid, reliable and versatile products reign as the defining component of a home entertainment experience. In fact, the McIntosh tradition goes beyond the American home, powering historic events like Woodstock and the inauguration speech of President Lyndon Johnson. The rich McIntosh legacy has impacted a variety of contemporary products used both professionally and by everyday consumers.

How can you bring a few of our favorite McIntosh products home with you? Audio Den lays out how you can outfit your Hampton’s home with some of the best audio has to offer.

Stay funky with the MT5 Turntable

The McIntosh MT5 Turntable is the pinnacle of precision, with a performance that allows you to enjoy your perfectly curated record collection in a purposeful way. Running at three speeds, the MT5 is a shining example of how the McIntosh family shares your love of vinyl and showcases it in a turntable that quietly resists skips and scratches. With minimal setup, the MT5 delivers fantastic LP Playback with the least possible friction, using magnetic anti-skate and horizontal, tone-arm bearings preset at the factory.

Smooth it out with the C2500

The C2500 is a vacuum tube preamplifier combines the legendary McIntosh vacuum tube preamplifier circuitry with the latest advancements in digital technology. With 15 inputs, the C2500 gives you the full range of analog and modern inputs, making this one of the most versatile pre-amps on the market that not only looks the part, but plays it as well.

Strengthen your voice with the MC452 Power Amp

This powerful amp is the perfect accessory for your Hampton’s listening room. Clocking in at 450 watts per channel, the MC452 includes the latest advancements in circuitry along with other neat features. The classic Quad Balanced is design for noise-cancellation and its patented Power Guard prevents speaker-damaging clips. Encased in a beautiful stainless steel chassis, its clean look pleases the eye.

Stand tall with the XR100

When filling a prescription for a stylish listening room, the large, striking XR100 speakers are just what the doctor ordered. The contemporary and sleek appearance of these fine speakers is offered in black, red walnut, and pear maple for a look that pairs with any décor. The XR100s produce a full range of sound that is typical of much larger speakers and include a neutral black cloth draped over an acoustically transparent grill. The distinctive McIntosh glow even emits from a logo on the front panel when paired with a McIntosh system.

Let us know your desired listening experience, and Audio Den can design a system that will blow you and your neighbors away. And if you are on Long Island, stop by our McMuseum. Our McIntosh Museum includes legendary pieces like the MC225 Power Amp (which has been called the best amp McIntosh has ever made. Period). Contact us to hear the sound solutions we have to offer.