How Can Motorized Shades Transform Your Long Island Home? - Audio Den Provides Shading Solutions to Fit Your Style and Budget

How Can Motorized Shades Transform Your Long Island Home? – Audio Den Provides Shading Solutions to Fit Your Style and Budget

Creating a distinctive, comprehensive style for your luxury home involves taking every single aspect of your space into account. Unfortunately, many people will make drapes or shades an afterthought when doing their interior design. Audio Den can help you find the perfect motorized shades solution that fits your budget and adds simplicity and style to your home in Long Island, New York and beyond. 

Combine different designs for your unique style

With over 1,500 drapery options in Lutron’s design collection – both hardwired and battery-powered – the possibilities are endless. You might be curious what makes Lutron motorized shades unique when you can already find variety at your local fabric store?

With Lutron motorized shades you can choose your style without being limited by issues such as fabric weight or dimensions. In the past, many drapes have served simply as an aesthetic function since they can become a hassle to open and close. Now that you can adjust them with the push of a button, there’s no need to worry.

What about modern homes? Many homes now feature floor-to-ceiling windows or two-story windows that are difficult to control manually. Now you can put motorized shades in the most hard-to-reach areas, expanding your home’s style to every corner. You can also add depth to your shade designs by raising select coverings while keeping others closed to give a different feel to your home depending on the occasion.  

Add comfort by removing unnecessary cords

Remove hazards from your children by eliminating dangerous cords from your home’s shades. Stop altering your furniture layout simply to protect cords from your dog’s curious nibbles. Control is in your hands with motorized shades whether it’s limited to one room or extended to your entire household.

Transferring control to an easy-to-use remote can also be useful for older family members who may no longer have the strength or reach to move drapes and shades. With motorized shades, you give them a new sense of independence.

Save energy with sun sensors

The most tangible benefit of motorized shades comes in the form of energy efficiency. Maximize your shades by using sensors on your windows so shades automatically adapt to conditions outside.

During the day, sun sensors will open windows to maximize natural light. When linked to your home’s thermostat, the shades will adapt to regulate the temperature in your home.  Avoid taxing your HVAC system by using shading solutions to counteract heat throughout the day or insulate your home during winter months.

Audio Den can find the perfect motorized shades solution for your Long Island, NY home whatever your specific needs may be. Contact us to set up a free consultation.