How Can Savant Systems Give You A Unique User Experience? - Audio Den Designs a Custom Automation Solution for Your New York City Space.

How Can Savant Systems Give You A Unique User Experience? – Audio Den Designs a Custom Automation Solution for Your New York City Space.

Installing a smart automation system in your home is about more than simply placing all the subsystems in your space under one umbrella. What makes a smart home unique is its intuitive nature, how it adapts to fit your personal lifestyle. The more in tune you are with the system, the better it can be programmed to meet your needs and facilitate your day-to-day living.

Audio Den’s expert integrators can bring a Savant System solution to your New York City space, primed to offer an easily customizable user experience on your smartphone or tablet. 

Store Personal Scenes

The Savant App, available on Apple and Android devices, makes it easier than ever to save memorable audio, video and lighting scenes, enabling you to recreate them at a later time. You’ve settled into the living room couch with your favorite book –the lighting is perfect for reading, the music just loud enough not to be a distraction and the temperature is perfect. Simply press “Capture” and save the scene “Reading Bliss” to bring it back whenever you’re in the mood for a relaxing afternoon.

Your personalized scenes don’t have to be limited to a specific room in your house. If you find the perfect lighting solution for your space, you can use sensors or a scheduled scene to make sure lights dim and shades rise at the right time to create the perfect lighting to accentuate your home.  

Customize Users on Your App

Your teenage son may have little use for a scene titled “Reading Bliss.” Savant Systems offers the option for individual users within the app to create their own personal scenes. While you enjoy your reading refuge, your son can create an “Epic Gaming” scene that dims the lights, turns on the 4K Ultra HD television and raises the volume on the surround sound system. All he has to do is access his Steam network to find the game he wants to play.

Establishing individual user profiles on the Savant app empowers you to modify the privileges of your children’s accounts, thereby keeping them from viewing certain content. You can also limit their access to subsystems like home security or climate control.

Prioritize Your Information 

Having a smart automation system is not only about having total control of your home, it’s also about having constant access to information. From surveillance to energy-monitoring, Savant keeps you up to speed with every aspect of the subsystems in your home.

Savant’s app also allows you to prioritize the alerts you want to receive on your phone. You can set up a monthly reminder to review your house’s energy usage. You can also receive an alert any time someone enters or leaves the house. You can even link alerts to specific doors within your home, in case someone has tried accessing the wine cellar or a closet with valuable items.