How Much Does Home Automation Cost : What You Need To Know

How Much Does Home Automation Cost : What You Need To Know

How Much Does Home Automation Cost In 2019? Understanding The Cost Of Home Automation


When it comes to home automation, there are a number of new DIY players on the market. Today’s consumers can get some basic home automation functionality by using consumer devices like the Google Home and Amazon Echo, as well as inexpensive home automation controllers from companies like Samsung and Belkin.


However, true home automation is still only available from a professional automation integrator. If you require a fully-integrated home automation solution, professional-grade home automation can provide you with a seamlessly-functioning, holistically automated home. One in which all systems- A/V, lighting, HVAC, and Security all work together.


That’s why professional home automation solutions using Control4 is a much better choice than DIY home automation using consumer-grade products.


But how much does home automation cost in 2018? And what budget should you expect when considering a Control4 Home Automation Solution? In this article, we’ll discuss what smart home systems cost you can expect from a professional-grade home automation system. Let’s get started.


There Is No Such Thing As A “One-Size-Fits-All” System


Smart home automation pricing really is unique. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” system. Every single installation is different and based on the unique requirements of the client and the client’s home or business.


This means that there’s really no way to provide a cost estimate that applies to every homeowner. Every project is different. However, understanding the components of a home automation system can help provide some insight as to what factors contribute to the installation and product costs.


Understanding The Components Of Basic Home Automation Systems From Control4


There are many different Control4 products that are used to connect your home. Here is a list of the automation components used in a typical installation.


  • Controllers – Controllers are the back-bone of any home automation system. The Controller functions as the “brain” or CPU that coordinates and manages all the installed components. It also interprets commands from the customer via cell phone, iPad, or handheld remote. Voice control is also available by using Amazon Alexa.


  • Interfaces – Interfaces can range from simple handheld remotes, in-wall touch screens, mobile devices such as iPhone, android, and tablets. In-wall touchscreens are generally more expensive than handheld remotes and using mobile phones. While many customers can get away with using only a handheld remote or their mobile devices, we do suggest the installation of an in-wall touchscreen in a high-traffic area, such as an entryway or kitchen. This ensures that there is always a centralized point to control your entire home automation system while keeping costs low. Misplaced mobile devices


  • Audio/Video systems – Streaming audio speakers and A/V interfaces are required to provide whole-home entertainment. These components include music servers, streamers, speakers, audio amplifiers, and matrix switches- which distribute the streams of audio around your home. With professional-level automation solutions music can be streamed to any location in your home.


  • Networking – Enterprise-level wired and wireless networks are required for proper home automation performance. With the numerous network-connected devices running in your home, lag-free video streaming and communication- a robust home network is a necessity.


  • Security – Control4 can integrate with a whole-home surveillance camera system that permits continuous, and if desired, recorded feeds from the exterior of your home. Check on your home while on vacation and have a recorded feed, just in case.


  • Energy efficiency/climate control – Thermostats and automatic blinds are often installed to provide automatic climate control and ensure the energy-efficiency of your smart home. While they do represent an initial investment, the long-term energy savings from motorized blinds can be realized over many years. Save energy and improve the functionality of your home with motorized shades and blinds.


  • Lighting – Smart lighting allows you to automate lighting systems, and ensure maximum comfort and energy-efficiency. Control all the lights in your home from any device with a touch of the screen.


Along with these systems, a variety of other third-party products and hardware can be integrated to your Control4 system.


Understanding the Factors That Affect Whole-Home Automation System Cost


There are many factors that can affect a smart home system price estimate. Here are just a few of the most important factors that go into the development of your own custom smart home system.


  • Customer’s taste and desires – Every homeowner will have a different style, and different tastes. While one customer may want interfaces and remote controls available in every room, and doesn’t mind putting automation front-and-center, another may want to hide the interface entirely – making it seem like the entire home is completely automated and control interfaces are free from plain view.


  • Features and supported systems – As the number of connected systems continues to increase, the price of home automation can expand dramatically. Basic solutions that control a local A/V system, such as a media room or home theater can be surprisingly affordable, while whole-home and larger integrations will increase the cost.


  • Home size – Smaller homes are less expensive to automate, because they require a smaller network, and fewer interfaces and connected devices. And, in contrast, a larger home will almost always be more expensive for full-home automation.


  • Level of audio/video purchased – The quality level of installed components such as TVs, speakers, and audio components can vary widely. Higher quality components, though higher value and increased performance, will usually increase cost. We assist our clients in selecting the right level of components based on both requirements and budget.


  • Cost of installation and setup – Home automation is very specialized, and our installation technicians have decades of experience in custom integration of hundreds of homes on Long Island and New York City. The cost of installation is additional to the installed components. It is very important that your Home Automation solution is specified and installed by professionals to realize the full potential of the system and make sure it’s very easy to use by family members and friends.



How Much Does Control4 Home Automation Cost? What Price Range Can I Expect?


While an accurate Control4 cost estimate can only be made with a consultation and assessment by a home automation professional, we can give you a rough range of the costs you can expect – based on the systems you’re interested in, and the size of your home.


The question of how much to automate your home will be different, depending on the cost of the systems you choose. Take a look at this home automation price list to learn more.


NOTE: All of these price estimates can vary based on the specifics of your home and your needs. They do not include taxes or installations, and are intended simply as a general way to help you understand the cost of Control4 Home Automation Solutions.


  • Single-Room Control4 Controller – This system would include a single EA-1 controller, as well as a Control4 remote and charging station to control your home theater system and audio systems, and would likely cost around $1,500 without installation.



  • 3-4 Bed Home –A larger system, which could provide audio streaming to 6-8 rooms, video and device control to four rooms, and smart device control in a single interface – as well as a Wi-Fi, could cost $20,000 or more, depending on features in each room, equipment choice, and complexity of installation.


As you can see, introductory systems that incorporate basic audio/video control, media streaming, a single home controller, and simple, inexpensive interfaces like remote controls may cost only a few thousand dollars.


While the cost of larger home systems with the highest-quality components can cost tens of thousands of dollars, the rock-solid performance and convenience of Control4 make it a worthy investment in your home. There is simply no way to compare Control4 and other professionally-installed home automation systems to DIY products – they are in a different league entirely.


Is Home Automation Right For You? Get A Professional Consultation from Audio Den!


Without a consultation with a professional Control4 integration specialist, it’s hard to estimate the true cost of a home automation system. There are so many variables, and depending on your selected features, the price can vary wildly.


Call Audio Den today to speak with a Control4 expert, and start planning your project today! After a consultation, and discussing your budget, our System Designer will be able to help you start designing your home automation project, and provide the perfect home automation solution for your New York Home.