Master & Dynamic: Not your Average Headphone - M&D Delivers High-Performance Audio with Devilishly Good Looks and Superior Build Quality

Master & Dynamic: Not your Average Headphone – M&D Delivers High-Performance Audio with Devilishly Good Looks and Superior Build Quality

Master and Dynamic isn’t exactly what we would consider a household brand nor would we want it to be. Some things are just better off kept quiet, and only those that can appreciate design enough should be able to savor the sounds that come out of these headphones.

There are plenty of high-priced, over-hyped, brand name, headphones out there, but only a few actually make the cut when it comes to design and build quality. We’re not going to point any fingers here, and we don’t want to. We just want everyone in the headphone industry to listen up and take a cue from Master and Dynamic.

The New York City-based team behind Master and Dynamic pour countless hours into creating headphones that deliver crisp and balances sound across the range. From faintest whisper to the loudest roar, Master and Dynamic users can expect precise sound technology in a pair of headphones that actually complement your devilishly good looks. You can stroll down the streets of East Hampton or Madison Avenue in style instead of embarrassed by the goofy plastic competition (Still not naming names!).

Audiophiles will notice one of two things when they put on a Master and Dynamic headphone:

1) They actually sound good!
2) The artistry and quality of the headphone design intermingled with cutting edge technology.

Master and Dynamic headphones are engineered to be used for decades to come. Only premium parts and materials are used. This includes the Neodymium high-performance drivers, forged aluminum body, and heavy-duty woven cables. Premium heavy grain leather and stainless steel provide users with the sense that you’re always putting on the headphone for the first time- soft lambskin covered memory foam on the ear cups and headband promise hours of comfortable listening. Crucial components are replaceable to ensure users can always rely on a Master and Dynamic headphone for their audio pleasure.

Master & Dynamic MH40Master & Dynamic MH40 Black


M&D has an over-ear, on-ear and in-ear model for maximum flexibility. The over-ear model, the MH40 is the flagship of this hip headphone arsenal. 45mm Neodymium High-Performance Drivers in a super comfortable finish will easily become a mainstay for listening, whether at home or on the road. A mute button, optional boom mic, and oxygen-free cables permit ultimate function and portability. At $399 we think they’re a bargain when compared to similar performance competitors. But buyer beware, they make a statement and while we wouldn’t change a thing, we understand that it’s not for everyone. For something a little lower profile, the on-ear MH30, dubbed the “Mobile Thinking Cap” features 40mm Neodymium High-Performance Drivers, a forged and anodized aluminum body with the same fit and finish as its big brother for $349.

If you consider yourself a part of audio’s elite and were skeptical that great sounding headphones can also look good, we urge you to check out how Master and Dynamic can move you in ways you can’t imagine. As CNet said, “Master and Dynamic’s MH40 wins on design, sound and build quality.”