Next Generation Televisions: Beyond Conventional LED and LCD Technologies - 4K Organic Light Emitting Diode Televisions

Next Generation Televisions: Beyond Conventional LED and LCD Technologies – 4K Organic Light Emitting Diode Televisions

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TV’s are the keystone the next-gen of home theater and smart homes, and for good reason. The technology itself uses just red, green and blue light (RGB) to create TV images that are brighter and crisper than prior-generation display technologies.

In addition to better visual performance, OLED technology also has quite a few other advantages over LED, LCD and plasma.

The organic layers that make up the OLED displays are thinner, lighter and more flexible than conventional crystalline layers found in LED or LCD. This allows manufacturers to create displays that are thinner to add to the space-saving efforts of buyers. The displays themselves weigh about 50% less than previous plasma displays, which can cut down on installation time, as reinforcing mounting brackets and walls are less critical. Additionally the flexibility of the material have also enabled TV set makers such as Samsung and LG to spearhead the development of “curved” displays.

OLEDs flexible construction also allows set makers to manufacture different display sizes with greater ease. Because OLEDs are plastic in nature, they can be made in large thin sheets. Traditional TVs would come in relatively standard sizes due to the cost of tooling each size. With the flexible nature of OLED sheets it is not hard to envision a future where TVs will custom-fit to a specific location in the home.

Secondly, OLED don’t require backlighting to create the images you see on TVs. Unlike LCDs, OLED light themselves up, which means the power-saving benefits are huge as less energy is drawn to create the on-screen images.

Lastly, OLEDs displays have a very wide field of view (~ 170 degrees). As we already mentioned, OLEDs light themselves, and so it’s not limited by factors such as backlighting and light-blocking when creating images. This will also improve viewing in bright rooms, such as media rooms or multi-purpose rooms.

People tend to replace their sets once in awhile, and buyers looking for modern TVs that provide the best clarity can count on OLED as being a leader in the pack. And for people that upgrading their homes to address the growing “smart home” trend, OLED technology provides not only quality visual entertainment features, but it also has amazing efficiency benefits to help drive down the overall cost of electricity. Being “green” on your next home theater Build has never been easier! Audio Den is proud to represent 4K OLED displays from leading manufactures such as LG and Samsung.