PSB's Productivity: Quality Music With M4U Headphones

PSB’s Productivity: Quality Music With M4U Headphones

Music brings good health and peace of mind, but many struggle to find the free time and solitude to embrace these benefits. PSB’s Music For You, or M4U, headphones let you listen to your favorite songs in any environment.

M4U 1

Designed not to interfere with your music’s natural sound quality, these headphones make listening as comfortable and convenient as possible. Its features include:

  • In Room Feel– The headphones’ tonal balance is carefully calibrated to match that of high performance speakers, making your recordings sound indistinguishable from live performances.
  • Double Inputs– Both sides of the headphones have input connections, meaning plugging them in never requires you to cross wires.
  • Call Adapter– The headphones come with a microphone that you can use to answer calls on your smartphone.
  • Easy Packing– The M4U 1 headphones are easy to pack up and stow safely and come with a protective travel case.
  • Gyro-Suspension– The ear pads are carefully suspended to block outside sounds without putting too much pressure on your ears. The headphones are self-adjusting, allowing them to fit snugly on any head.
  • Three Colors– The headphones are available in Black Diamond, Baltic Gray, or Monza Red.

These headphones have been widely praised for their light weight, low cost, comfort, and high sound quality. If you seek high-quality music while mobile, the M4U 1s provide the best bang for your buck.

M4U 2

This model provides all the benefits of the M4U 1s and more. Additional features include:

  • Active Noise Cancellation– Whether your goal is to sleep peacefully or just reduce interruptions to your music, the M4U 2s completely block outside noises.
  • Sound Amplification– If you seek to hear outside noises more clearly rather than to block them out, the M4U2s give you this option as well. Simply put them in Active Noise Cancellation Mode and press “M.”
  • Optional Batteries– These headphones possess batteries that can power them for 55 hours straight. Once the batteries run out, you can seamlessly plug the headphones in and keep listening in active mode.
  • Two Colors– The M4U 2s are available in Arctic White or Black Diamond.

The M4U 2s received first place in What Hi-Fi?‘s “Best Noise-Canceling Headphones to Buy in 2013” ranking. Consumers continue to praise their comfort and sublime sound quality.

M4U 4

Set to be released soon, the M4U 4s will provide many of the same benefits in ear bud form. Features will include:

  • Around-Ear Cables– These comfortable cables will keep the earphones in place in all conditions.
  • Dual Drivers– The headphones’ Hybrid Dual-Driver System will ensure the highest sound quality.
  • Memory Foam– The ear inserts will be made of heat-sensitive, breathable foam, allowing them to fit comfortably on any head.
  • Other Features– The M4U 4s will come with airplane and stereo adapters, a carrying case, and silicon gel tips.

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