Savant Systems Simplifies Smart Home Control - Take Command of Your Automated New York City Home with an Award-Winning Network

Savant Systems Simplifies Smart Home Control – Take Command of Your Automated New York City Home with an Award-Winning Network

There’s no secret about it: smart home automation is the wave of the future. But when you consider all of those separate components coming together to make your life safer, more convenient and more fun you’ll start to realize that you’ll need a reliable network that’s capable of controlling it all. Savant Systems gives you the freedom to control all of your devices without the need for complex remote controls. Read on to find out how Savant Systems and Audio Den can simplify your controls and give you the smart home of your dreams.

Take Command of Your Home with Pro Host

Pro Host is Savant’s signature network hub. It’s easy to use and eminently scalable – which means that you don’t have to jump head first into the world of whole home automation. Instead, you’re given the ability to start small with single-room solutions that can increase your comfort, security and entertainment.

One of the most common first steps taken into smart automation is building a home theater. Imagine: the lights go down, the 4K projector starts up and the robust surround sound system immerses you into a world of sonic bliss. You’ve never experienced your favorite summer blockbusters like this; at least, not in the comfort of your own home. Savant gives you total control over every aspect of your entertainment from a single remote, tablet or smartphone. When you’re ready to fix a drink or get some popcorn, pause the movie and raise the lights in a single zone of the room with a single device, so you don’t miss a moment.

And when you’re ready to explore the other ways smart automation can keep you safe, comfortable and entertained, Pro Host is set to augment the rest of your home quickly and conveniently.

Simplify Controls with the Savant App

Of course, all of those components can be daunting to first-time users. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Savant has simplified and distilled their control system into their eponymous app. Whether you want to set the scene for a perfect movie night, make Sunday dinner memorable, create a romantic atmosphere or provide your friends and family a great place to watch the game, you can make it happen – all with a single button on your tablet or smartphone.

In fact, when you integrate your components with one-touch controls on the Savant app, there’s no need for your annoying alarm clock anymore. Let the dulcet tones of your favorite song gently filter into your bedroom via your whole home audio system. As your eyes open the lights slowly rise, so they have ample time to adjust to the brightness of the day. When you make your way down the hall, the curtains powered by your motorized window treatments part, so you can greet the morning with a smile as you enter the kitchen. And since you’ve conveniently programmed this “wake up” setting into your control device, thanks to the Savant app, you can do it all again tomorrow.

Are you ready to enhance your New York City home with smart automation by Savant Systems? Contact us to get started on your installation today.