Storing Your Home Vinyl Record Collection - The Best Options for Storing your Vinyl Collection

Storing Your Home Vinyl Record Collection – The Best Options for Storing your Vinyl Collection

LP collectors all over the world often struggle with the same problem – where to store your ever-growing collection. Beginner collectors may be fine with one box or crate in their bedroom but serious audiophiles need expansive space to hold their equipment and records. Aside from actual square footage, collectors also need storage solutions that have the ability to hold a large number of LPs without space or weight limits. Anyone who has ever had to move his or her record collection knows the familiar lower-back pain that comes with the process.

There are plenty of great storage solutions out there in every different price range. And as collecting LPs becomes popular again, there will only be more options to come. From simple wood or plastic crates to elaborate spinning displays, there are lots of ways for fans to stash their vinyl. But before you run and grab the credit card, assess your collection and home space before you buy. Someone with a couple of Simon and Garfunkel records may not need as elaborate of a set-up as someone who has been collecting since the folk duo first premiered.

Newer collectors or those on a budget may want to start out with some high-quality crates. These cool-looking, stackable boxes are the perfect size for LPs and are fairly easy to come by. LP Crates offer unique and sturdy crates in lots of different sizes and finishes. If you do not have time to wait for shipping, you can also get basic crates at most craft stores.

Salamander Designs also offers a large collection of adjustable A/V shelving units. Audio Den is a proud dealer of Salsamander Designs. These gorgeous units strike the perfect balance of quality, looks, and afforadability. We recommend taking a look at the Synergy and Chameleon Collections. Not only can these stealthily conceal your LP collection, but they become the center piece of you entertainment center containing speakers, A/V components, and more!

One of the most unique (and high-end) record storage solutions out there would be Hi-Phile’s storage cabinet. This unit, available in three incredible wooden finishes, holds 600 records in a compact and unique design. The record cabinets are made of sustainable materials, including wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council – meaning the materials came from well managed and eco-friendly forests. This unit may be the one of the best, but be prepared to pay for quality. Side note: We did and it’s always the center of attention!

Whether you’re a seasoned record collector or just starting out, you will always have a need for storage. As collections – and families – grow, being efficient with your LP storage will become more important. There’s nothing worse than running out of space and having to either quit buying records or thin out the herd a bit. Don’t let this terrible problem affect you – find a record storage solution that works for you, your collection and your budget.