Tesla's Powerwall Gamechanger for Audio/Video Systems - Tesla Bring Whole Home Power Regulation to Long Island New York Homes

Tesla’s Powerwall Gamechanger for Audio/Video Systems – Tesla Bring Whole Home Power Regulation to Long Island New York Homes

Leave it to the folks at Tesla to design, build, and manufacture the missing link in home solar power energy storage. If you have a current home solar power system, then you are about to feel a bit peeved. If you don’t have a home solar power system, then expect to get somewhat excited over what Tesla has created. In this article, we discuss the Tesla Powerwall and the benefits that it provides to the capabilities of solar energy around the world.

What Tesla has done is amazing. They have built a small battery that hangs on the side of building and can power 10 KW per hour. You can daisy chain them together to build a customized power storage unit that ranges from 10-90 KW per hour. The difference already between the Tesla Powerwall and traditional solar batteries is the size. You no longer need to convert living space into a battery room. In fact, you give up very little room. These batteries are the size of a five-year-old kid. The batteries are designed to hang on a wall and look attractive, which is also a difference between the current solar battery and the new Tesla solar battery. But that is not all. Tesla has developed an option that could change the entire global footprint.

Tesla PowerWall

Taking Power to the Max

You need quite a few traditional solar batteries to run a home. Once the batteries are full, you cannot continue to create usable electricity. The biggest problem with this type of battery is storing enough energy to run your entire home between chargings. With the smaller sized and bigger energy capacity of the Tesla Powerwall, you can store up to 90 KW hours of electricity. That is a lot of power. In fact, it is enough power to keep you off the grid. The benefit is cheaper electricity, lower environmental impact, and enough power to keep your house charged for a while. No more need to worry about what happens when your home loses power during an ice storm, or wind storm. With the Powerwall, your house will not lose power, especially if you opt for 90 KW of electricity. That amount of storage allows you to run your home using green energy and still take advantage of every ounce of sunlight.

That is important. Imagine the implications of such a system where power lines do not exist. You can now power a full house off of the grid. For underdeveloped countries that is a huge breakthrough. The cost of providing electricity just dropped because countries, cities, and towns no longer have to pay for the infrastructure of putting in power lines. In fact, Tesla says that this solution can take the entire globe off of traditional electricity and power homes, cities, towns and nations with solar energy without the need to require a huge land investment. You don’t need much land to take the United States off the grid. The positive implications to the environment are amazing and comprehensive.

Tesla’s objective was to make solar work. To that end, their product exceeds expectations.

The Flexibility of the Sun

The sun’s intensity varies all day long. In the morning and evening, it provides the least amount of solar radiation. During the afternoon, the incoming solar radiation is at its peak. The advantage of the Tesla Powerwall is that there is enough room in this small battery so that your solar array can capture and store electricity all day long. There is no longer a reason to use electricity from the grid and your solar array. You can just power your home from your Powerwall. That means a much reduced electrical bill each month. The biggest question is whether or not your system can hook up to the Tesla Powerwall. The answer is yes. The Powerwall is designed so that homeowners can just go out and buy a battery. The batteries are fairly inexpensive too.

Powerwall and High-End Home Audio

Among the irrefutable benefits to Tesla Powerwall’s use in energy savings and home monitoring is the groundbreaking benefits to Home Electronics. The power that enters your is less than ideal. It contains noise and fluctuations that wreak havoc on sensitive electronics like your home stereo, computers, turntables, amplifiers, and TVs. One of the more “traditional” ways we have filtered and regulated the incoming power is through surge protectors and line conditioners. These devices are very effective but we usually need one in every room or each in equipment rack. The Tesla Powerwall would function as both a surge protector and line conditioner because it acts a buffer between the dirty incoming power and precisely regulated output of the Powerwall. This would remain true whether using Tesla’s battery as a storage device for solar panels or just using the batteries in a traditionally powered home to reduce peak electrical use. The prospect of the using Powerwall for audiophile systems as well as distributed Audio Video Systems is very exciting and without a doubt represents a game changer in High-End Audio, even if yet to be realized.