Transform Your House into a Control4 Home - Audio Den Offers Comprehensive Smart Technology Solutions for Your Long Island, NY Home

Transform Your House into a Control4 Home – Audio Den Offers Comprehensive Smart Technology Solutions for Your Long Island, NY Home

Smart home automation is quickly becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Control4 offers one of the most comprehensive smart home management systems available. The ability to control and monitor the various systems in your house improves your peace of mind, quality of life and sense of security. Communicate with your kids as soon as they get home from school via an HD video Intercom – Unlock the door and turn on the lights in your home remotely – Log into your camera system from your smart phone or tablet from the other side of the globe. If you’re interested in upgrading your home with smart automation, read on to find out how Audio Den and Control4 can enhance your home life. 

Start Small with Entertainment and Safety

Many homeowners enter into the world of automation for one of two reasons: entertainment or security. The idea of having a dedicated home theater or listening room is enticing to plenty of film buffs and audiophiles. Knowing that your family and home are safe at all times is a desirable factor for every homeowner. Control4 offers both home theater control and home monitoring systems that are comprehensive, easy-to-use and available anywhere you need them. Plus, these systems are totally scalable – which means you can start with a  basic system and develop it over time as your needs change.

Simplify Your Mornings

One of the primary benefits of installing a smart home system is to simplify your life. There’s no better way to do that than Control4’s pre-programmed, one-touch “scenes” that set the perfect mood for every occasion. A “wake-up” scene will help you get ready for your day. Slowly open your automated shades, raise the lights and stream your favorite music through your whole house audio system. That’s far more pleasant than an alarm clock! Audio Den can help you develop customized scenes that best fit your lifestyle. These scenes can easily be changed as your needs change, offering you an unprecedented level of convenience.

Gain Comprehensive Control

With all of the abilities Control4 home automation can bring to your house, you’ll need a strong operating system that’s intuitive and simple so you can take command of it all. Control4’s award winning software platform makes controlling your home convenient with its integrated, customizable interface.

Plus with the free Control4 app available for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire and Windows, you don’t even need a dedicated remote in your hands to control your home – you simply need a smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can have complete control of your smart home whether you are on the couch, in the yard, at the office or out at the grocery store. There’s no limit with Control4.

Are you ready to upgrade your Long Island, NY home with smart automation from Control4? Contact us to get started today.