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What Is A True Black TV

If you have heard about the latest TVs offering True Black technology, you might be thinking “true black? Have I been looking at false black this whole time?” The answer is yes and no. Yes, TVs that don’t have True Black use a different method of displaying black. But TV manufacturers weren’t trying to deceive you, it’s just that until recently, the only way TV manufacturers knew how to create a black color on the TV was to use liquid crystals to rotate polarized light, which blocks out most of the light.

What makes a TV a True Black TV?

TVs that are able to display “True Black” are also known as OLED TVs, the latest organic LED TVs on the market. OLED stands for “organic light emitting diodes” which basically means that each pixel provides its own illumination, while all the pixels in a traditional LED TV are illuminated by an LED backlight. The way these OLED TVs are able to achieve true black is the ability to turn off the LED for a certain pixel so the pixel is totally black where there needs to be black.

oled tv

What is so great about True Black TVs?

With the ability to completely turn off a pixel that is supposed to be black, the dark shades of the picture become much darker and more realistic. This also creates a more vivid contrast between thematic spectrums from dark to light. Most projectors use a similar method in movie theaters to create an absence of light where it needs to be dark, making the experience more realistic and engrossing. Because of this new method of displaying pixels, OLED TVs also function much better in low light conditions than traditional LED TVs.

In the end, even the comparison pictures above aren’t going to show the full effect of the different between an LED TV and an OLED True Black TV. It’s something you have to see in person.

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