Would-be Intruders Shy Away from Automated Homes – Well Lit Homes with Life-like Lighting Scenes Should Be Part of Your Home’s Security Strategy

Smart Home technology has the ability to transform the lives of anyone who makes the decision to outfit their residence with a home automation system. Any homeowner who desires an increased quality of life, convenience via high-end technology, and overall peace of mind can look to Smart Home technology to fulfill these desires and more.

Being a homeowner can be stressful, especially in New York. Whether you reside in Brooklyn or out East in the Hamptons, countless threats to the homeowner’s safety and to the homeowner themselves can occur in various forms. A particularly stressful component of owning a home is the potential for trespassing and burglary. However there are many steps that can be taken to ensure that one’s home is protected and secured in all facets.

A common feature in home automation systems involves extensive control over lighting. Homeowners can use this technology to improve energy efficiency, stylistic detail, and most importantly, security.

For a home automation system to effectively protect the home, both internal and external lighting components must be installed. In some instances there is a central keypad that can control the lighting all over the house. Many of these systems are linked to a mobile application so homeowners can operate the lighting settings even when they are not home.

Inside the home, having lights on at night can deter burglars and trespassers by conveying that people are inside the house even if the home is vacant. When potential violators are presented with a home with lights turned on, they feel that entering the home without being caught is virtually impossible. If the homeowner is concerned with wasting energy, there are various settings and timers that can be used to control the light duration and intensity which makes managing energy expenditure simple.

In terms of lighting outside the home, these Smart Home systems have various capabilities that prevent the home from being burglarized or trespassed upon. Security lights that have motion sensing capabilities and that come on when motion is detected on the property are the first measure that should be taken. Optimal locations for these motion sensing lights are on various parts of the house, including over the front door, on top of the garage, on the corners of the house, and over the backyard entrance. Some home automation systems have video recording systems. Providing light to clarify the picture for the recording system can help homeowners immensely if there is a trespasser that needs to be identified.

One of the more prominent brands of home automation system that has a fully developed lighting control system is Control4. This company’s lighting system is completely wireless and is easily operated. Security and energy efficiency are at the forefront of this company’s light-fitting strategy so homeowners will not be disappointed.

The option to control all lighting settings throughout the house, both inside and outside, is invaluable. Any homeowner that values safety and security is urged to acknowledge the necessity for technological advancement in home protection and outfit their home with a home automation system.