Audio Den adds Ortofon to Analog Audio Offerings

Audio Den adds Ortofon to Analog Audio Offerings

Audio Den is proud to announce that it is now an authorized Ortofon dealer. Ortofon specializes in vinyl record equipment, specifically known for its cartridges, styli, and accessories. As Long Island’s high-end audio specialist with over 50 years of experience in analog, tube components, and turntables, Audio Den is pleased to align their brand with Ortofon’s line of quality products.

In a time when vinyl is making a massive comeback in terms of popularity, not many companies are the advances in their product line that Ortofon is making.

As far as DJ cartridges go, Ortofon offers one of the most expansive lists available. DJ’s have various model options including the Gold, the Pro, and the Pro S. These models are the perfect option for DJ’s of all music preference and skill level. The DJ series and the Night Club series provide more skilled DJ’s with increased output voltage and lightweight flexibility for better grip of the record’s grooves. Models like the DigiTrack, the Q.Bert, and the Scratch are designed for the more innovative turntable systems, increasing quality and minimizing extra noise from scratching. The Elektro and the Arkiv models are centered on sound clarity. Ortofon’s newest model is called the S-120, which uses a brand new design technique called asymmetric suspension for improved groove handling in any scenario.

The Hi-Fi cartridges have a more expansive scope in terms of use. Ortofon’s series of Moving Coil Cartridges maintain quality of sound reproduction across all music genres. Some cartridges are designed specifically for a given genre. For example, users will find the highest efficacy for classical music in the MC Quintet Bronze. The series of Moving Magnet Cartridges are designed with a focus on accuracy. The diversity in technical design, quality engineering, elegant appearance, and dynamic sound reproduction that the company offers is incomparable, and users will not be disappointed when equipping their turntables or record players with an Ortofon Moving coil cartridge.

Ortofon’s series of High End Cables are composed of the finest materials including copper, aluminum, PVC, nylon, polyethylene, and in some models, gold. The company also sells extensive roster of Ecler sound mixers that are featured in three different series: the Evo Series, the Nuo Series, and the Hak Series.

Over time, Ortofon equipment has developed into a staple in the music community. Artists such as Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Clap have incorporated Ortofon equipment into their overall set up and the rest of the DJ community is catching on quickly. Although it is a company that is relatively new to the market, Ortofon is making some headway. The music blog “They Still Press Vinyl” has an excellent review of one of the Ortofon 0M 10 Super cartridge and the Internet presence of Ortofon products is growing. Audio Den hopes to assist in growing the Ortofon brand by becoming one of the newest retailers in the United States.