Home Theater Automation Guide

Guide for Setting Up Home Theater Automation

We’ve all wanted to have that exciting cinematic experience from the comfort of our own home. But it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the options available, the technical setup of the equipment and the cost of the whole endeavor. It doesn’t have to be. With a little help and careful planning, you could be enjoying your next …

History of Electronics Infographic: How TVs Have Changed Over The Years

History of Electronics Infographic: How TVs Have Changed Over The Years

As technology advances, electronic commodities have a tendency to become more affordable the longer they’ve been around. But sometimes there are odd quirks to the price trends over the years with certain electronics. With TVs, there’s an unusual era where TVs became more expensive than they have ever been more than 70 years after their creation. From the year 2000 …

Useful Home Automation Ideas

46 Useful Home Automation Ideas

Let’s be honest, we all want a smart house that takes care of things so we don’t have to think about them. Like adjusting the temperature when the forecast changes or turning off all the lights every night when it’s time for bed, or doing our laundry so we don’t have to! (Just kidding about that last one, but it …

Listening Room

How to Design a Dedicated Listening Room

The ideal space for a listening room is a room free of noise pollution from loud appliances, outdoor distractions or anything else that could disrupt your listening experience. A listening room also shouldn’t have anything else in the room to distract or disrupt the sound such as a TV, pool table, computer or desk. This room is meant to be for listening only. A room without these pesky disturbances will allow you to appreciate the music to the fullest extent, picking up subtle notes and rhythms in the music you wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise.

how to protect outdoor electronics

How to Protect Outdoor Electronics

We have put together this guide on how to protect outdoor electronics to answer your questions so you can enjoy your home entertainment electronics outdoors.

oled tv

What Is A True Black TV

If you have heard about the latest TVs offering True Black technology, you might be thinking “true black? Have I been looking at false black this whole time?” The answer is yes and no. Yes, TVs that don’t have True Black use a different method of displaying black. But TV manufacturers weren’t trying to deceive you, it’s just that until …

sound bar vs surround sound

Sound Bars or Surround Sound, which is better?

Sometimes you just can’t install a surround sound system, we get it. Soundbars offer some of the benefits of a traditional audio video system will a smaller form factor and fewer installation costs. While only surround sound systems can offer true “surround sound”, soundbars offer a great alternative.