Smart Locks Key to Smart Home Security - Greater Convenience, Increased Safety for your Family, and Peace of Mind Make Smart Locks a Smart Choice

Smart Locks Key to Smart Home Security – Greater Convenience, Increased Safety for your Family, and Peace of Mind Make Smart Locks a Smart Choice

With Smart Home Technology and home automation systems rising in popularity, many homeowners still do not have a full grasp on what the actual benefits of this technology are. Yes, these home automation systems provide control of lights, whole house audio and video, and climate control, but what else? Let’s explore one of the most convenient feature of home automation, Smart Locks.

There are five general facets of smart home systems that ease the mind of the homeowner and bring about the combination of technology and simplicity: accessibility, security, convenience, and efficiency.

Let’s take a look at the security aspect of homeownership. For decades, the main method of locking doors has been focused on the lock and key system. Whether it is a simple skeleton key and door lock, a hasp lock, or any other type of locking system that involves an external key features, there has been a traditional path that has been taken for locking system that has been mainly unchanged for hundreds of years. 

Smart Home technology and home automation systems bring homeowners a completely new method of locking doors and other parts of the home that revolutionizes security. In many of these systems, users are able to operate locks on their doors throughout the house from a single location, whether they are in the house, at the office, or even in a completely different country. The lock system links with a mobile application, usually the remote access app from Control4 4Sight or Savant’s Plus, that can be operated from a smart phone or tablet and give homeowners an in depth look into the security of their home.

These automated door locks by industry leading brands such as Baldwin, Yale, and Kwikset are able to communicate with the mobile applications wirelessly over your home’s wireless network. In some cases, the automated lock system may require the installation of certain hardware called gateways, which are additional components that facilitate communication between the lock and the control systems. There is also the potential for a keypad entry system where homeowners can designate a certain combination for the lock, providing entry upon typing in the correct code.

Control4 Smart Lock Yale Lock

Home automation systems can also link the lock features to other features of the Smart Home system. For example, the homeowner can appropriate certain lighting settings to match up with certain lock settings. In a scenario when the homeowner has to stay at the office late past dark and knows that no one else will be home, the homeowner can adjust the lights to come on, conveying to potential trespassers that there are people in the house. The light settings can be linked to the lock system in that when the lights come on, all of the lock components in the systems will be set to lock simultaneously.

The automated lock systems can also provide the homeowner with a log of activity with respect to when the system locks, when the system unlocks, the exact time of these occurrences, and the frequency of certain components’ operation. For example, it’s easy to verify that the door is locked, when the kid’s came home last, or even when the house cleaner arrived and departed.

Smart Home technology will continue to provide homeowners with all sorts of high-level methods in protecting their homes. The automated lock system adds a whole new layer of security. A great way to start securing your home effectively and being more informed is installing a Smart Lock. Audio Den is an authorized installer for a variety of smart lock manufacturers and automation companies. Call, email, or visit our showroom to learn how we can help you gain peace of mind. 

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