Todays Home Network Requires Enterprise-Grade Equipment – HD Video and Hi Res Audio Requires Robust Home Networks

With the increasing demand of home networks due to multiple users, HD video streaming and high-resolution audio streaming, the days of using $49 routers are over. Consider home networking upgrade Long Island NY and home networking upgrade NYC to enterprise-grade or small business solutions for better speed, enhanced function and more security. As a matter of fact, when you toss out your ancient AC router, you’ll be able to surf the web about twice as fast with an upgrade.

Can only one person in your home stream Netflix at a time? Are there rooms in your home where Wi-Fi cannot be accessed? Ever wonder who else is using your network? Is your basement or backyard a dead zone? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for a home networking upgrade Suffolk County NY, home networking upgrade Hamptons NY and home networking upgrade Nassau County NY. Audio Den offers both wireless and wired network infrastructure upgrades to meet the demands of today’s home networks.

Beyond speed, enterprise-grade routers are designed with lots of connected devices in mind. Behind the scenes, these routes operate three networks while older and cheaper routers only have two. This translates to no competition between your devices. Laptops and tablets can live on one network, a smart TV on a second and a bandwidth-hogging Xbox on a third network.

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